Hargeisa municipality to develop drainage system for the capital

The Executive Secretary of Hargeisa Municipality, Mr. Ahmed Yonis Juha, announced today that the city municipality is working on developing a comprehensive drainage system to relief water clogging in rainy seasons.

The rainy season is here. It came in just about time to relief a land and a people that were in great need. However, for the local government, it also means administrative headaches as the problems it arises range from the safety of people and their property to the public health issues and garbage disposal.

CBA-TV, English News TV Station in Hargeisa, caught up with the executive secretary of the Hargeisa Municipality, Ahmed Yonis Juha, while he was overseeing a diversion of a watercourse that was threatening an artery road in eastern Hargeisa.

The secretary said that the local government has lately been grappling with two issues related to the rainy seasons. First, the problem of people disposing of their garbage to the water courses that cause public health hazards. The second one he said, is the immediate threat of safeguarding people and property from being carried away by floods. Both these issues were evident here at this site.

For the first problem, Secretary Ahmed Yunus Juha has a message to people; “We have the legal basis to prosecute you for disposing of garbage improperly. “

“it’s fines and penalties. The parliament has passed the garbage law, and the enforcement of penalties will start now. We will enforce the law to any person who leaves garbage in the streets or disposes of it in water streams. he said.

For safety from floods and water streams, the secretary urged the people to move away from watercourses and blamed a lack of an adequate drainage system for the water-clogs caused by rains each year.

The executive secretary announced that Hargeisa Municipality is developing a comprehensive drainage system.

“You are aware this city lacks a drainage system. The last drainage system development was during the colonial era. But Hargeisa municipality is developing a comprehensive drainage system called Hargeisa drainage to discharge water” he announced.

Secretary Juha abstained from giving a time frame for the development of the drainage system, saying they will continue relieving water clogs with local solutions – case by case – manner until the system is rolled out.